About L-Red

It started with a vision, not a blueprint. It’s rooted in community, not just construction. It’s about people first, not just real estate.


Our Legacy

Building on the capabilities and experience gleaned from each unique project, LRED continues to forge our best practises, innovative methodologies and use of technologies, and superior property developments. These continue to define and differentiate us amongst other developers in the Dubai real estate market.

Our Mission

To design and create sustainable spaces for people to connect, live more harmoniously, work more productively, and improve the quality of life for present and future generations.

The Future

LRED's unique approach to property development is about reimagining and reconceiving the norm in a marketplace perpetuating lacklustre design and construction and saturated with 'cookie cutter' properties. We pride ourselves on designing and creating unique, sustainable, urban living experiences for our discerning clientele, and we build homes that fit our residents' lifestyles. At LRED, we're passionate about elevating the Dubai real estate market.


LRED’s developments are committed to the communities we serve, and we're focused on creating a long-lasting impact that matters to the people of Dubai. Not simply as satisfied clients but as members of a living, breathing community in which they are actual stakeholders.

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Technology has changed the very foundation of our industry, and it plays a vital role in the way LRED conducts business every day. Each new development's expectations and needs have encouraged us to model new processes and services that are not just suitable but smart. Download LRED's app today and discover how we proactively anticipate new requirements, products, and techniques that connect our residents and drive customer satisfaction.

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