Lootah Real Estate Development offers superior services to efficiently manage properties ranging from residential, commercial and retail. Whether you are a property/building owner looking to maximize returns on investment or a tenant looking for your dream home, rest assured that Lootah Real Estate Development will meet all expectations.

Lootah Real Estate Development offers owners an unparalleled customer service. A dedicated executive will assist you throughout the process, while offering you all the benefits of our leasing and management services. We will find quality tenants for you, be it for short or long-term rentals whilst ensuring maximum returns on your property investment.

Whether you wish to buy or sell a property, we will assist you through a hassle-free process. With extensive experience in the property market and thorough understanding of the economy, our brokerage team will offer you advice on fair market prices and help you with all required documentations.

To list your freehold property with us, please contact us on info@sslh.ae

A Lootah Projects Development Consultancy is part renowned Lootah Real Estate Development, which has extensive experience and strong reputation in the real estate market of the UAE. Project Management is strategic to any size of the project. Lootah Projects Development Consultancy has highly experienced and professional project management team who is capable of handling projects of any size - residential, commercial, Industrial, Agriculture and Special Projects on time and on budget.

Lootah Projects Development Consultancy offers research, analysis and advisory services to clients, such as landlords, throughout comprehensive real estate development planning, Financing Solutions, construction & contracting and sales & marketing. We primary explore potential opportunities in all real-estate fields.

  • Site Due Diligence Review
  • Project Development Feasibility
  • Consulting / Designs
  • Construction Management
  • Financial Services
  • Government / Authorities Services
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Leasing Services
  • Facility Management